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    Kolumbo was founded by two "corporate road warriors." What we found is that the accessories we relied upon in a fast-paced environment weren't made very well. In fact, more times than not, they didn't work at all. What we found is that travel accessories companies have found loopholes in safety, cutting corners to save money yet produce a lack-luster product.


    So we set out on a quest to remake the travel accessories we wish we had as we traveled the world. Unlike original accessories, we have put an incredible amount of time into the research and development (R&D) of our products. From our umbrella that has been tested over 5,000 times and at 55 miles per hour, to our luggage lock that has an indicator that will pop up to alert you when TSA has inspected your bag, we have spared no expense to ensure our products don't just fit your needs, we want to blow you away. Thank you for checking us out and we hope you let us help you 'Travel Easy.' Catherine Chung and Marcia Stellpflug, Founders