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    Frequenty Asked Questions

    Kolumbo Umbrellas

    What is the dimension of the Kolumbo Umbrella?

      Answer: Dimension is 35.5" in diameter and 11" in height when collapsed, and 21.5" in height when extended.

      How much does the Kolumbo Umbrella weighs?

      Answer: Our umbrellas are light weight! Less than a pound. (13 ounces to be exact)

      Does your products have warranty?

      Answer: Yes, we offer a Lifetime Guarantee provided that the item was purchased directly from Kolumbo and not through non-authorized resellers.

      How do I get a replacement or a refund?

      Answer: You may notify us about your concern/s at so we can assist you further. (Don't forget to add your nameoriginal order number, and your complete shipping address for us to assist you faster)

      Does your umbrella have a UV protection?

        Answer: Yes! Our umbrellas are UPF-rated.

        How does your Umbrella stand strong winds? 

          Answer: Our umbrellas are wind tested and It can withstand 55 miles per hour. If it flips inside out, the ribs (metal bars) are designed to be flexible, so unlike a cheaper umbrella where the wind blows it inside out and it's ruined, this flips back into shape again.


          TSA Locks

          How can I be assured that your TSA locks won’t be cracked open?

            Answer: Our TSA locks are made out of high quality zinc alloy construction with the best locking mechanisms, so it won’t be easily cracked open.

            What are the dimensions of the TSA lock?

            Answer: Approx. 2-1/4H X 1-1/8L X 1/4W.

            Does your lock have an indicator to alert when TSA has opened the bag?

              Answer: Yes, It has a button that will be raised if TSA has searched the bag.

              Are TSA locks for luggage only?

                Answer: No, The locks are not just for luggage, It's also good for sports, backpacking, lockers, briefcase and many more! 


                Have more questions?

                Awesome! Contact us at and we'll respond to your inquiry promptly! :)