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    You are not going to be able to be in possession of your bags the entire trip. So when you are preparing for your trip there are a number of things that you can do to make it more likely that your bag will be passed over in favor of other bags by a potential Thief. AVOID IT WHILE YOU CAN. Here are some tips for you:


    1. Make your bag stand out.
    2. Use an inexpensive looking bag when possible. If your bag doesn't look expensive the perception is that it's less likely to contain expensive things.
    3. Inventory the contents of your bag when you pack it.
    4. Use a high-quality lock to deter thieves.
    5. Don't pack valuables in luggage that will be separated from you if you can avoid it.
    6. You can plastic wrap your luggage at many airports for an additional fee.
    7. Use packing cubes inside of your luggage. It makes it easier for you to have things organized
    8. If you do find items missing from your bag and you know that TSA has inspected your lug-gage you can try filing a claim with TSA.
    9. If the bag is lost or things are missing file a claim immediately, preferably before you leave the airport.
    10. If you're traveling on a smaller aircraft such as a regional jet, consider packing a smaller bag.
    11. Use RFID shielding to protect digital devices credit cards at the passports from hacking and identity theft